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When is it Necessary to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The wisdom teeth, also known as the third set of molars, typically erupt between 17 and 25 years of age. Although it is possible for these teeth to come in straight, they typically erupt in misalignment and can even become impacted, or stuck beneath the gum line, necessitating removal by a qualified cosmetic dentist. If you suffer from a crooked or misaligned wisdom tooth, your dentist may recommend that you have it removed.  

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When a Tooth is Impacted

While impacted wisdom teeth may not cause any disruptive symptoms initially, they can lead to serious and painful complications if left untreated. Because wisdom teeth erupt in the very back of the jawline, they can be very difficult to clean adequately and may accumulate dangerous amounts of bacteria that can affect the entire body. Impactions can also result in the development of cysts around the affected area that can damage the surrounding bone, soft tissue, and nerves. In most cases, getting impacted wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible provides better results with less discomfort after removal. 

When Misalignment Occurs

Oftentimes, wisdom teeth emerge into a dental arch that already has a full set of teeth. This can result in overcrowding of the teeth, leading to misalignment. If it is evident that your wisdom teeth will lead to crowding, they should be removed as quickly as possible.

When Wisdom Teeth Cause Oral Health Concerns

Dental professionals recommend that all young adults have their wisdom teeth evaluated for any potential abnormalities before serious complications can arise. Formulating an early treatment plan will promote better management of the condition. Generally, dentists will recommend removal if the third molars are:

  • Causing disease, infections, or cavities.
  • Surrounded by a cyst or tumor.
  • Potentially causing damage to the surrounding bones or teeth.

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