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A Look at Pediatric Dentistry

No matter your age, visiting the dentist is essential for preventing tooth decay and oral infections. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children begin visiting a pediatric dentist after their first tooth erupts. To learn what you and your child can expect from pediatric dentistry, keep reading. 

Healing teeth

What to Expect from a Child’s Dental Exam

During a pediatric dental exam, your child will undergo a thorough dental cleaning. The pediatric dentist will evaluate your child’s teeth to determine his or her risk for tooth decay and gum disease. A pediatric dental exam might also include X-rays, a review of the child’s diet, and a demonstration of how to properly brush and floss the teeth. If the dentist notices slight signs of decay, he or she might recommend certain preventative treatments, such as dental sealants and fluoride rinses. If your child is approaching the age of seven, the pediatric dentist might also recommend an orthodontic consultation.

Why Your Child Should Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentistry is necessary because infections in baby teeth can affect the corresponding adult teeth. Oral tissues and bone need to remain healthy and infection-free to grow strong and provide a good foundation for the adult teeth. By taking your child to a pediatric dentist, you can provide the opportunity for him or her to learn proper dental care. Your child will also be able to grow accustomed to visiting the dentist from an early age.

How You Can Prepare Your Child for the First Dental Exam

Schedule an appointment several weeks in advance so that you and your child have plenty of time to prepare for the appointment. Spend time talking to your child about the importance of professional dental care and take your child on a tour of the dental clinic in the weeks before the appointment.

Ultimately, dental health requires collaboration between dentists and patients. At Charles M. Marks, D.D.S. and Dental Associates, we promise to do our part. Our dental team is committed to providing expert dental services to Manhattan residents. To learn more, call our office at (212) 279-1232.


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