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Four Daily Habits that Dull the Brightness of Your Smile

If you notice yellowing or staining of your teeth, you may be surprised to learn the likely causes for this discoloration. Even dental patients who stick to their twice-yearly teeth cleaning schedule can develop discoloration as a result of common lifestyle choices. Here are four habits that dull the brightness of your smile:

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Drinking Red Wine
Many adults enjoy a glass of red wine a few times during the week. Although wine has been shown to have several benefits, like reducing a person’s risk of certain cancers, this beverage can take a devastating toll on your teeth by eroding and staining the enamel. To avoid the need for frequent teeth whitening, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after each glass.

Indulging Your Sweet Tooth
Dentists frequently see tooth decay and discoloration brought on by the frequent consumption of both candy and naturally sweet foods. Blackberries, strawberries, and other rich, juicy fruits contain dark juices that can easily stain tooth enamel. Hard and colorful candies pose a risk due to their high sugar content, which can easily attract bacteria and decay.

Using Tobacco Products
Most smokers and tobacco chewers understand that certain risks come with using carcinogenic products, such as respiratory problems, heart disease, and certain cancers. However, many don’t recognize the damage cigarettes and chewing tobacco have on their teeth. Smokers can quickly develop darkened enamel that requires professional whitening.

Forgetting to Brush
Adults today lead very busy lives. But it’s essential for everyone to make time each day to engage in proper dental hygiene. If you often forget to brush your teeth after meals, set yourself a reminder on your phone. Forgetting to brush allows dangerous plaque and unsightly surface stains to build up on your teeth.

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