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Five Questions and Answers About Mandibular Advancement Devices

Snoring may not be the biggest concern in the nation, but it certainly is of a large concern to those snorers and their partners. Fortunately, your dentist, in addition to offering teeth cleaning and other oral health services, has an appliance that can help you stop snoring. If you’ve never heard of a mandibular advancement device, here are five common questions that may help you to become acquainted:


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1.What does a mandibular advancement device do? A mandibular advancement device is an oral appliance that holds the jaw in a forward position during sleep.

2.Why would I need a mandibular advancement device? If you snore often at night, a mandibular advancement device can reduce or eliminate the occurrence of snoring. You may also benefit from one of these appliances if you have obstructive sleep apnea, a condition of which snoring is a symptom.

3.How does a mandibular advancement device stop snoring? Since the device forces the jaw to stay forward, the soft tissues of the mouth cannot collapse into the airway. This over relaxation of tissue is what causes snoring in the first place. If the tissues can’t collapse, snoring will not happen.

4.Is a mandibular advancement device comfortable to wear? Your mandibular advancement device is a professional dental appliance and is designed for comfort. Some patients experience tenderness or stiffness in the jaw for the first few days after use, but these effects are temporary. Any discomfort will subside as you become accustomed to using your device.

5.How do I get a mandibular advancement device? The best way to obtain this oral appliance is to visit your dentist to be fitted. In addition to ensuring that your device is right for your mouth, it will also give you the opportunity to ask any additional questions.

If you are tired of spending night after night snoring, contact Dr. Charles Marks, D.D.S. and Dental Associates. We offer mandibular advancement devices in addition to teeth cleaning, whitening, and other dental services in Manhattan. Call (212) 279-1232 for an appointment today.

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