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Three Reasons Why Dental Problems Can be Fixed with Veneers

If you have stains, chips, or gaps in your teeth, you may wonder if there is a way to correct these imperfections without braces or whitening treatments. Fortunately, you can see a cosmetic dentist about getting veneers. Veneers are ultra-thin shells made from tooth-colored material that are custom made to cover your teeth. The process is simple, but provides brilliant results. Continue reading to learn how easily and effectively veneers could fix your dental problems:

Manufacturing of a dental artificial limb

1. A Versatile Solution: Veneers offer a wide range of restorative benefits for people who want to improve their smile. If you have found it difficult to lift stains from coffee, fluoride, medicine, veneers provide an instant fix. You can also get noticeable spaces between your teeth closed. Even misshapen teeth will look uniform and straight with a new set of veneers.

2. A Convenient Alternative: People who want to regain their confident smile without undertaking a longer and more complicated orthodontic procedure should opt for veneers. Many teeth whitening systems require multiple visits and are not guaranteed to produce the same effective results for every person. Plus, veneers are bonded to the surface of your teeth, which makes them some of the longest-lasting cosmetic dental treatments available.

3. A Simple Process: Besides offering multiple solutions in one procedure, the actual application of veneers is a simple and relatively short process. Your dentist will need to prepare your natural teeth for the veneer by removing less than a millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface. Once your dentist has created a model of your teeth, it will be sent to a laboratory where your custom-fitted veneers will be constructed. In less than 2 weeks, you’ll return for the final bonding process in which your dentist will carefully adhere the veneers to your teeth.

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