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Could You Benefit from the Dental Bonding Procedure?

Dental bonding is a procedure that allows your dentist to make changes to the size and shape of your teeth. It is an ideal option to correct small cosmetic defects for a more natural and even smile. Your cosmetic dentist can help you decide whether dental bonding is the right treatment to achieve the look you want.

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Uses of Dental Bonding
Dental bonding is used to correct small visible defects in the teeth for cosmetic smile improvement. It is frequently used to repair teeth that have become chipped or otherwise damaged. This procedure can also be used to correct minor misalignments in the teeth, providing the patient with a straighter smile. In some cases, bonding material can be used to correct the color of individual teeth if staining or damage has occurred. Teeth that have been worn down by age, injury, or habits such as tooth grinding can be easily lengthened with bonding material. This can create not only a healthier smile, but a younger-looking face as well.

Advantages of Dental Bonding
Unlike dental veneers, the dental bonding procedure requires little to no removal of healthy tooth structure. This means the procedure is faster and more comfortable. Depending on how many teeth he is repairing, your dentist can often complete a bonding in a single dental visit. The procedure requires approximately 30-60 minutes per tooth and may not require any type of anesthetic. It is a less costly and less permanent procedure than veneers and can be used to remedy many of the same conditions.

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