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Understanding Your Wisdom Teeth

Millions of people develop wisdom teeth, also known as third molars. In many cases, these teeth will need to be removed by your dentist in order to avoid serious health problems. The following questions and answers can help you better understand what to do when your wisdom teeth come through.

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When Do Wisdom Teeth Appear?
Most people first notice their wisdom teeth during late adolescence or early adulthood. Some individuals may feel a pressure against their back molars or sensitivity at the back of the mouth as their wisdom teeth attempt to erupt. Under some circumstances, dentists can identify the location of wisdom teeth before eruption with the use of X-rays.

What Are the Risks of Wisdom Teeth?
Many adults do not have adequate space in their mouths to accommodate wisdom teeth. As a result, these teeth begin to push against the molars while trying to erupt, which can lead to many problems. Aside from the pain and gum sensitivity that these circumstances can bring, wisdom teeth can also produce infection and teeth misalignment. Should they erupt without obstruction, they can still cause tooth decay and gum disease. Typically, this stems from the difficulty people have in reaching their wisdom teeth and being able to properly clean them.

How Does the Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process Work?
In some circumstances, dentists may recommend extracting a patient’s wisdom teeth before they erupt. Because wisdom teeth can create so many cosmetic and oral health problems, it is essential to remove them before they have the chance to affect a patient’s dental welfare. The process itself is relatively simple. After administering anesthesia to alleviate any discomfort, the dentist will remove the wisdom teeth from the jawbone. This procedure can be done with minimal trauma to the area, as the dentist can fragment the wisdom teeth before the removal process. This helps to ensure the least amount of discomfort and fastest method of recovery for patients.

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