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Understanding the Causes of Tooth Decay

When you consume starches and sugars, the bacteria in your mouth feeds on the food particles and produces acids. These acids attack your tooth enamel, making it susceptible to erosion and tooth decay. Within 20 minutes following a meal or snack, plaque begins to form on your teeth. This sticky film is particularly prone to accumulating on the gum line, around dental fillings, and on the molars in the back of your mouth. Unless you promptly remove plaque buildup by brushing and flossing, it turns into tartar.

Plaque, which contains bacteria, continues to produce acids in your mouth. The longer this substance is left on your teeth and gum line, the further the tooth enamel erodes. Eventually, holes develop, which are called dental caries, or cavities. If you frequently develop cavities, talk to your dentist about how to improve your oral care routine. Your dentist might also suggest limiting sugary and starchy foods and avoiding snacking between meals.

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If you have any questions about preventing tooth decay, schedule an appointment with Dr. Charles M. Marks, D.D.S. and Dental Associates. You can reach our Manhattan dentistry practice at (212) 279-1232 or through our website. 

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