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Tips for Successful Treatment Using the Invisalign System

Invisalign is a popular dentistry option for a number of reasons. The transparent retainers allow patients to undergo treatment without anyone noticing their presence. They are also removable, providing patients with a means to easy oral hygiene and an unobstructed dietary regimen. As convenient as Invisalign may be, dentists still advise patients to adhere to a few simple suggestions that can facilitate care and provide optimal treatment results. Consider the following tips for your Invisalign treatment routine.


Wear Your Retainers as Recommended
Unlike braces, which often necessitate changes to a person’s eating or teeth cleaning habits, Invisalign’s removable retainers afford patients the most convenient solution available to their teeth straightening needs. To ensure proper teeth alignment with Invisalign treatment, refrain from frequently removing your retainers. The longer your retainers are out of your mouth, the less likely you are to benefit from their use. Given that most patients have their retainers updated every two weeks, it’s essential to wear them on a consistent basis so that you can move forward on schedule with your treatment goals.

Clean Your Retainers Every Day
Eating with your Invisalign retainers is not recommended, but even so, residual food particles and bacteria can build up on your retainers. To avoid the potential for cavities and tooth decay from soiled retainers, clean them each day. You can use your toothbrush and toothpaste when washing your Invisalign retainers, or your dentist may provide a specially formulated Invisalign cleaning agent for your retainers.

Protect Your Retainers When Not In Use
Invisalign retainers are made from plastic that has been constructed for your specific alignment issues. If you accidentally leave your retainers in an area where they can be damaged by heat or undue wear and tear, you may inadvertently compromise their ability to properly straighten your teeth. To prevent trauma to your retainers, keep them in a cool, dry, and protected place whenever you are not wearing them.

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