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How to Help Your Children Maintain Good Oral Hygiene During Halloween

Your children might deem a bag full of candy as a successful Halloween outing, but a load of treats can translate into a slew of tricks in the future. Bacteria that linger in the mouth need the sugars that candy provides to create damaging acids. These acids cover tooth enamel and attack it, which can result in extensive tooth decay without the proper prevention. To keep your children happy and their teeth healthy, keep these hygiene habits in mind.

Laughing boy with candy, close cropped

Give Your Child a Glass of Water with Their Candy
You may not be able to prevent your children from eating their Halloween bounty, but you can reduce the impact it has on their oral well-being. High concentrations of sugar left behind by caramels, chocolates, and candy corn can quickly deteriorate tooth enamel. If brushing their teeth isn’t an immediate option, drinking a glass full of water can help to negate the effects of sugary deposits.

Refrain from Giving Candy as a Treat Before Bed
No matter how reluctant your children may be to sleep, resist bribing them with candy as a reward for going to bed. When children eat sugary treats prior to falling asleep, their mouths can become breeding grounds for bacterial acids. Parents should also keep in mind the effects that mouth breathing can have on small children. Inhalation and exhalation through the mouth can decrease the presence of saliva, which helps to rinse away bacteria. Without it, bacteria can thrive in the mouth.

Offer Sweets Solely During Mealtimes
Saliva production gets activated when large amounts of food are consumed. That’s why dentists recommend that children eat their Halloween candy only in conjunction with their lunches and dinners. The more saliva there is in the mouth, the better the chance that it can wash away harmful sugars. The action of chewing more fibrous foods such as apples and celery can also reduce the presence of bacterial acids.

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