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What to Expect During Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If dental X-rays detect wisdom teeth lying below the gum surface, your dentist may recommend extraction. When it is done prior to the eruption of the wisdom teeth, this procedure can prevent the occurrence of pain, infection, and malocclusions of the teeth. This process is incredibly safe and convenient, as the following procedural steps indicate.

Dental X-Ray

Making the Patient Comfortable
Of utmost priority to dentists is making their patients as comfortable as possible while undergoing wisdom teeth extraction. In fact, patients can often make the decision about what type of anesthesia they would like for the procedure. General anesthesia renders a patient completely unconsciousness. In cases where the patient may suffer high levels of dentist-related stress, general anesthesia can be an ideal option. Individuals who want to feel no pain without having to be unconscious can opt for local anesthesia.

Removing the Wisdom Teeth
Some dentists advise the removal of the wisdom teeth before they make their appearance through the gums. The main reason for this kind of proactive treatment is to avoid the discomfort and orthodontic issues that erupted wisdom teeth can commonly cause. To access the imbedded teeth, however, a dentist must remove a small amount of the bone above them. Then, he can begin extracting the wisdom teeth either as a whole or by piece.

Facilitating the Healing Process
After the wisdom teeth have been removed from the mouth, the dentist may administer sutures to close the treatment area. This process prevents bacteria and food particles from entering the site and causing pain or infection. The dentist may also prescribe antibiotics or painkillers to ensure that recovery goes smoothly. He may also ask the patient to come back a few days after the procedure in order to monitor the healing process.

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