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How to Handle Dental Emergencies


Dental emergencies deserve immediate attention and action. Since dental emergencies typically do not happen at your dentist’s office, it helps to know how to handle these situations. Here is a look at how to handle dental emergencies.

Lost Tooth

From athletes participating in contact sports to children eating corn on the cob, anyone can lose a tooth. When this occurs, it is important to handle it by the crown and not the root. If the root is dirty, gently rinse it off with water and try to place it back in its socket. In the event that this does not work, store your tooth in a cup of milk until you can see your dentist; the quicker you see your dentist, the better chance you have of saving the tooth.  

Broken Braces

People who are having their teeth aligned with braces may occasionally experience a broken or misplaced wire. This can cause pain or discomfort when it sticks into your gum, tongue, or soft tissue of the mouth. You can use orthodontic wax to cover the end of the wire until you see your dentist. If you do not have orthodontic wax, use a cotton ball or gauze. It is crucial that you do not cut the wire because it may then work its way into your lungs or your digestive system.

Chipped Tooth

When part of your tooth breaks, rinse your mouth as well as the broken pieces. You can alleviate swelling and pain by applying a cold compress to the area. If there is bleeding, introduce a piece of gauze to the area until it stops. Be sure to see your dentist as soon as you can after you experience chipped or broken teeth.

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