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Foods to Avoid After Whitening Your Smile

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If you’ve already made the decision to have teeth whitening, then you’ve no doubt been enjoying the amazing benefits that come with having a sparkling, dazzling smile. However, if you aren’t careful with your lifestyle and hygiene choices, you could quickly undo the amazing results you got. Follow your cosmetic dentist’s instructions for maintaining your whitening for as long as possible, and avoid the following foods and beverages:

All Darkly Colored Foods

Foods that are heavily pigmented are the worst for causing stains, especially immediately after teeth whitening. Blueberries, soy sauce, dark chocolate, and even dark leafy green vegetables can all discolor your teeth and undo everything you and your cosmetic dentist accomplished. Avoid these types of foods completely for the first several days following your teeth whitening, and then be sure to rinse well after enjoying them later.

Red Wine and Dark Fruit Juices

Red wine, grape juice, tomato juice, pomegranate juice, and similar beverages are loaded with stain-causing pigments. You can minimize their potential to stain your teeth by drinking them through a straw, but you should still try to avoid them completely in the first few days after your whitening session.

Dark Colas, Tea, and Coffee

Like wine and juices, these darkly colored beverages tend to cause easy staining. However, they’re actually a bit worse because of their acid level. After teeth whitening, your teeth are the most susceptible to staining. Acidic drinks weaken the tooth’s enamel, compounding the problem. If you must have soda, stick to clear and lightly colored varieties, and use a straw. If you can, however, choose water more often than not. You’ll preserve your teeth whitening and reap some pretty great health benefits, too!

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