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Understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, causes periodic pauses in breathing as you sleep. When your brain senses a lack of oxygen, it wakes you from sleep to restore breathing. This cycle of sleeping and waking can cause excessive daytime sleepiness and raise your risk for diabetes and heart disease. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, your dentist can offer solutions to help you achieve the quality sleep you need for better health.


Sleep apnea

Causes of OSA
OSA occurs when the tissues of your throat relax too much during sleep, blocking your airway. When your brain wakes you, the muscles of your face, jaw, and neck tighten, restoring proper airflow. There are many factors that may cause OSA, including slight deviations in the anatomy of your jaw and neck, large tonsils, a short lower jaw, and obesity.

Symptoms of OSA
Many symptoms of OSA occur as the result of poor quality sleep during the night. You may feel excessively sleepy during the day or even nod off at inopportune times. Fatigue can cause irritability, anxiety, and trouble concentrating on tasks or learning new information. Snoring is often associated with OSA, although snoring does not necessarily mean you have a sleep disorder. Other symptoms include morning headaches or excessive thirst upon waking.

Treatment for OSA
Mild cases of OSA can often be treated with lifestyle changes, including losing weight and sleeping on your side. In addition, mild to moderate OSA can be treated with a removable dental appliance, which holds your jaws in a position that keeps the airway open while you sleep. More severe cases of OSA may require CPAP treatment, which uses a mask and pump to maintain an open airway.

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