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A Closer Look at Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry can dramatically enhance one of your most important features: your smile. With a minimal time commitment and little tooth alteration, a dentist serving New York can provide you with dental veneers that brighten, straighten, and restore your teeth. If you have yet to experience the comprehensive benefits of veneers, the following questions and answers can help you better understand why so many people are requesting this procedure to improve the look of their smiles.

How do dental veneers work?

Dental veneers are natural-looking shells placed over your teeth. They are made to replicate the appearance of the tooth surface, so only you and your dentist will know that they are not your actual teeth. To ensure that your veneers remain in place, your dentist first applies a bonding agent to your teeth. With the help of a curing light, he can then affix your veneers and see to it that they are fastened firmly to your tooth enamel.

What issues can dental veneers correct?

Dentists recommend veneers for many types of dental imperfections. Because they mirror the look of real teeth, they are commonly used for patients who have suffered a chip or crack to their teeth. If a patient has a deeply rooted tooth stain, a dentist can apply a veneer over that tooth to conceal its discoloration. Veneers can also eliminate minor misalignment issues such as gapped teeth, making them an attractive choice for individuals with orthodontic concerns. Should you suffer from any of these issues, your dentist can likely remedy them with dental veneers.

Why should you consider dental veneers?

Cosmetic concerns can diminish the confidence you have in your smile. In many cases, though, these problems can be easily rectified with dental veneers. If you tend to hide your teeth because you fear what others may think of them, now is the time to contact your dentist and ask about his dental veneer services. In just weeks, you can have a beautiful smile that you want to show to others.

Why wait to have a smile you love? Call Dr. Charles M. Marks at (212) 279-1232 to set up an appointment. Dr. Marks offers many cosmetic dentistry services, including veneers, to enhance the appearance of your teeth.


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