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Why Straight Teeth Are Better for Your Health

If you think that straight teeth are a cosmetic issue only, then think again. While there certainly are cosmetic advantages to having a perfectly aligned smile, your dentist wants you to have straight teeth for legitimate health reasons as well. From teeth cleaning to evenly distributed bite force, many aspects of your oral and general health can be affected by how well your teeth line up.

Easier, More Effective Teeth Cleaning

When teeth are properly aligned, it’s easier for both you and your dentist to give them a good, proper, thorough cleaning. Brushing goes more smoothly, certainly, but it’s really flossing that gets the spotlight with straight teeth. Flossing is the most neglected oral hygiene practice by far, usually because patients find it difficult or tedious. When your teeth are straight, however, it’s a breeze!

Improved Gum Health

Gums with healthy, straight teeth firmly in place tend to be less prone to inflammation and disease. This is partly because hygiene is easier, but there are physiological reasons as well. Teeth that are crowded or overlapped place unnecessary pressure on the gums, and can also create hiding places for plaque and bacteria—both leading to inflammation. Straight teeth allow the gums to be more securely attached around the teeth, eliminating the deep pockets associated with gum disease.

Decreased Wear and Tear on Teeth

When your teeth are out of alignment, it can cause problems with your bite where the teeth do not close together evenly. For the teeth that touch first, this can create tremendous pressure that leads to early wear and breakdown of those surfaces. When your dentist is able to bring those teeth into proper alignment, it can redistribute the pressure of your bite force to where it needs to be so that teeth wear evenly and slowly.

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