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Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Halitosis

It’s common to experience occasional bad breath, also known as halitosis. Bad breath can be caused by odoriferous foods, for example. But if you’ve been experiencing persistent bad breath ...
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Get the Facts About Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

Gum disease is a progressive infection that compromises your oral health. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to tooth loss. You might already be familiar with the consequences of gum disease ...
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Partial Dentures vs. Full Dentures: Which Choice Is Right for You?

Losing your teeth can affect your dental function, oral health, and smile. For these reasons, your dentist may ask you to consider treatment with dentures if you’re missing several or all of ...
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What Is a Tooth Fissure?

When you visit your dentist for a checkup or to get dental fillings, he may talk about the fissures in your teeth and how they relate to your oral health. Watch this video to learn about fissures and ...
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Reasons to Make an Appointment with a Restorative Dentist

If you’re suffering from dental cavities, tooth loss, or similar problems, then you could benefit from seeing a dentist that offers restorative treatments. The following are just a few of the ...
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Does the Dentist Hold the Key to More Restful Sleep?

While snoring is often thought of as merely a nuisance, this common problem can have a significant impact on your health. If you struggle with snoring or feel unrested when you wake up in the morning, ...
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Why You Should Address Your Snoring

Is your snoring keeping your partner up all night? Millions of people snore every night, which affects not only their own ability to sleep but also that of their families. Many people ignore their ...
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The Root Canal Process

Root canals have a bad reputation as being painful, so most people are relieved to find out when they actually have one that they are not worse than getting a filling. Your dentist will make sure you ...
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Understanding the Dental Implant Process

If you have experienced tooth loss, whether you’ve lost one tooth or several, dental implants can be the ideal alternative to dentures. Implants are long-lasting, look natural, and don’t ...
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Health Issues Associated with Crooked Teeth

Many people think of crooked teeth as an aesthetic problem, but in reality, in addition to cosmetic concerns, they can trigger a surprising list of health problems. If your dentist recommends treating ...
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How Dental Veneers Work

Having a bright, beautiful smile can enhance your appearance, make you appear younger, and even boost your confidence. If you think that you could benefit from an improved smile, then ask your dentist ...
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What Is a Dental Bridge?

If you have a missing tooth, then your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. This type of restoration can enhance the appearance of your smile and improve your dental function when you’re ...
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How to Get the White Smile You've Always Wanted

Teeth whitening is among the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry procedures. When you think about how much this treatment can improve the look of someone’s smile, it comes as no surprise ...
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Exploring Common Dental Malocclusions

When your upper teeth sit slightly forward over your bottom teeth, this is considered to be a normal fit. If your dentist tells you that you have a malocclusion, this means that your teeth lack a ...
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Caring for a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are a common element of restorative dentistry. Crowns can replace a tooth’s structure and function, so patients can chew and smile properly again. Typically, your dentist will ...
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How to Seal Out Tooth Decay

During your regular dental exam and teeth cleaning, your dentist may suggest you have a dental sealant treatment. This is a safe and effective treatment to give you added protection against tooth ...
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What to Expect from Invisalign Treatment

Whether you have just started your Invisalign treatment or you are nearing the end, you will be amazed at the results you receive. Invisalign is one of the leading treatments in straightening teeth ...
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Foods to Eat for a Whiter Smile

There are a few different teeth whitening options that you can find at the drugstore or in your dentist’s office. All of these procedures and kits are very effective, but what if you could keep ...
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Gingivitis vs. Periodontitis

Unfortunately, gingivitis is a common occurrence in today’s society. Periodontitis is quickly becoming just as prevalent. Dentists, periodontists, and hygienists are constantly educating ...
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Get a Before and After Look at Dental Crown Treatment

Dental crowns are part of the building blocks of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. This essential restorative appliance is used by dentists to cover a root canal, fill in tooth gaps, and renew ...
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Tips for Adjusting to Your First Week of Invisalign Treatment

Similar to a plastic mouth guard, Invisalign aligners are custom-made to your mouth to slowly shift your teeth into a different place. If you have just received your first aligner, or you are curious, ...
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Taking a Bite Out of Root Canal Myths

There are a number of widespread dental myths that often pop up again and again over time. Dentists are constantly combatting these myths, especially when it comes to root canal treatments. Myth #1: ...
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What Is Laser Gum Surgery?

Technology has revolutionized modern dentistry, and it has opened up numerous avenues for dental professionals. Your dentist can use laser gum surgery to help treat and reverse the symptoms of gum ...
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Teeth Grinding Explained

Grinding your teeth can lead to headaches, toothaches, and other types of pain and discomfort, and you might not even realize you do it. Your dentist can help you, however, so visit the dental office ...
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Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can stem from a number of different sources, which is why it helps to see your dentist on a regular basis. You might experience tooth pain due to physical damage, tooth decay and infection, ...
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