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Conveniently located at 34th Street and 5th Avenue. Drs. Charles M. Marks and his associates offer Invisalign, cosmetic dental treatments and dental care for children, teens and adults.


What to Expect from Invisalign Treatment

Whether you have just started your Invisalign treatment or you are nearing the end, you will be amazed at the results you receive. Invisalign is one of the leading treatments in straightening teeth and restoring proper mouth function. At the end of your Invisalign treatment you will notice not only straighter teeth, but a more confident feeling in yourself and your brand new smile.

Straighter Teeth

Invisalign is the perfect orthodontic choice if you have overcrowded, widely-gapped, or crooked teeth. With the plastic aligners custom-molded to your teeth, your smile will become straighter within a matter of months. With advancing technology, Invisalign can even correct most bite issues that patients may have.

Healthier Teeth

Due to having straighter teeth, your dental hygiene should also improve. Straighter, evenly-spaced teeth tend to have healthier gums. It becomes easier to floss daily because the teeth are correctly spaced. With crooked or unevenly-gapped teeth, flossing and teeth brushing becomes more difficult, and infections and tooth decay can set in. Once you have finished your Invisalign treatment, you should be able to improve your daily oral care and thus your oral health.

More Confidence

One of the biggest benefits you will find after your Invisalign treatment is the rise in your self-confidence and self-esteem. Many people with crooked teeth refrain from smiling or speaking because they feel embarrassed about their teeth. Once you finish wearing your Invisalign plastic aligners, typically after a year or so, your confidence will begin to grow. Your teeth will be straighter, and you will be more than happy to speak and smile again without any difficulty or embarrassment.

Trust Dr. Charles Marks with your Invisalign treatment near New York. We pride ourselves on restoring our patients’ smiles with Invisalign, dental implants, and other forms of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your Invisalign consultation, then please visit us online or call us at 212-279-1232.


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