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Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Halitosis

It’s common to experience occasional bad breath, also known as halitosis. Bad breath can be caused by odoriferous foods, for example. But if you’ve been experiencing persistent bad breath that cannot be attributed to your food choices, it’s time to talk to your dentist about your problem. Bad breath can indicate an underlying health problem that requires treatment and good at-home care.

Could my bad breath indicate an oral health problem?

Your dentist will perform a comprehensive oral exam and perhaps request some X-rays to determine if your problem is caused by an oral health condition. One of the most common causes of bad breath is gum disease, which begins as gingivitis. Other signs of gum disease include tenderness and bleeding of the gums, changes in the way the teeth or dentures fit together, receding gums, and loose teeth. Bad breath can also be caused by other infections such as a tooth abscess, which is a pocket of pus. Many people discover that xerostomia is to blame for their halitosis. Xerostomia refers to chronic dry mouth, which is often caused by medications. Sufficient saliva is essential for washing away food debris and bacteria; without enough saliva, bad breath is more likely to develop.

How is halitosis linked to systemic medical conditions?

If you have good oral health, your dentist might take another look at your medical history. Some systemic medical conditions can cause bad breath, such as poorly controlled diabetes. Diabetes can result in a fruity odor on the breath. Bad breath might also be attributable to lung disease, liver disease, or kidney failure.

How will you treat my bad breath?

The treatment for your bad breath depends on the cause. If it’s caused by a systemic medical condition, your dentist will refer you to your primary care physician to manage your health issue. If you have dry mouth, certain oral care products may be helpful. Gum disease is treatable with several methods, including professional cleaning, scaling and root planing, and possibly surgery, along with an improved at-home oral care routine.

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