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What Is Behind Your Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, and it might leave you wondering why it affects you. From lack of trips to the dentist’s office to overly intense dental hygiene, there are a handful of different reasons why your teeth might be sensitive. Read on to find out what is behind your tooth sensitivity.


If you frequently find yourself grinding your teeth, you may want to talk to your doctor about bruxism. Unfortunately, many bruxism sufferers are unaware that they have this condition because they grind their teeth in their sleep. Consistent grinding of the teeth can eventually wear away your enamel, causing the dentin to be exposed. This means that your teeth are no longer as fully protected, and this can cause sensitivity. Fortunately your dentist can fit you with a mouth-guard to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of grinding.

Gum Disease

From gingivitis to full on periodontitis, gum disease comes in several forms. This condition tends to most prominently affect the elderly and those who fail to take proper care of their teeth and gums. One of the distinctive characteristics of gum disease is the tendency for your gums to recede away from your teeth. Unfortunately this can make your teeth more sensitive, making it difficult for you to chew your food in comfort. Your dentist can recommend a number of treatments for gum disease.

Aggressive Dental Hygiene

Brushing your teeth is important; you should do it twice each day and for two minutes at a time. However, it’s equally important that you use soft bristles. Rough bristles or aggressive brushing can wear away at your enamel and result in sensitive teeth. Be sure to find a toothbrush that is comfortable and effective for your teeth.

Are you still wondering what is behind your tooth sensitivity? Contact Dr. Charles Marks or visit his website. Our dentist office in New York offers sealants, implants, root canals, and much more. Give us a call at (212) 279-1232 or stop by and see us to find out more about what we can do for you today.

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