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Avoid These Foods to Preserve Your Teeth Whitening Results

Many folks choose teeth whitening to brighten their smiles and boost their confidence. As your dentist will tell you, however, there are certain foods that can hinder your results. Avoid these foods to preserve your teeth whitening results.

Strongly Colored Berries

Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries all offer their own health benefits, and may be concrete staples of your diet. While you do not have to eliminate them from your nutritional regimen, you should be aware that exposing your teeth to these berries might reverse your teeth whitening results. These intensely colored foods will linger on your enamel and stain your teeth, undoing your teeth whitening treatment. Fortunately there are ways to reduce this exposure without taking berries out of your diet. Try mixing these berries into a fruit smoothie so that you can consume them through a straw, thus limiting the contact they make with your teeth.

Pasta and Tomato Sauces

Like berries, pasta and tomato sauces may stain your teeth despite offering some health benefits. Tomato sauce is particularly likely to stain your teeth thanks to its acidic nature. If you want to continue slathering your pasta in sauce without sacrificing your teeth whitening results, consider what else you eat with your meal. Darker green vegetables can protect your teeth by preventing these intense red sauces from sticking around. As long as you have a salad before your pasta, you should be in okay shape.

Certain Salad Dressings

If you are eating salad in order to protect your teeth from your upcoming pasta dish, be careful with balsamic vinegar dressing. Balsamic vinegar is also capable of staining your teeth. If the taste is too delicious to resist, pair it with lettuce or brush your teeth shortly after eating to remove the dressing.

For more tips on preserving your teeth whitening results, feel free to call Dr. Charles Marks at (212) 279-1232. Dr. Marks is a top dentist serving New York, and his practice specializes in a multitude of restorative dentistry treatments including bridges and crowns. Visit our website or stop by our offices to learn more today.


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