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Taking a Bite Out of Root Canal Myths

There are a number of widespread dental myths that often pop up again and again over time. Dentists are constantly combatting these myths, especially when it comes to root canal treatments.

root canal treatments

Myth #1: Better to Pull the Tooth Than Have Root Canal Treatment

If at all possible, your dentist will try to save your natural teeth. It is not better to have the tooth pulled because that is a tooth that has been lost. That missing tooth can influence your chewing or speaking habits, among many other factors. With a root canal treatment, your dentist can save the overall integrity of the tooth’s structure. This will help maintain the integrity of your mouth as a whole. Speak with your dentist about all of the possible ways you can save your natural teeth and maintain your mouth’s natural function.

Myth #2: Having Root Canal Treatment Is Painful

This is a common myth that is slowly being debunked. Root canal treatments are no more painful than having a simple filling placed. With current technology and better anesthetics, root canal treatments can be done quickly and easily in your dentist’s office. Once the treatment is done, you will not have to experience the constant toothache and pain that can often come with an infected tooth. After you have a root canal treatment, you will find relief, not pain.

Myth #3: The Tooth Must Hurt to Need Root Canal Treatment
Though toothaches often accompany a root canal treatment, pain is not always a necessary symptom of needing a root canal treated. Sometimes, the tooth may have already died, and the canals of the root need to be cleaned to prevent infection. This type of preventative dentistry is sometimes necessary to keep the function of the tooth intact.

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