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Does the Dentist Hold the Key to More Restful Sleep?

While snoring is often thought of as merely a nuisance, this common problem can have a significant impact on your health. If you struggle with snoring or feel unrested when you wake up in the morning, then you may benefit from talking to your dentist about snoring prevention.

The Causes of Snoring

In most cases, snoring happens when the muscles and soft tissues of a person’s mouth and throat relax, causing their airway to become more narrow. When this occurs, it becomes more difficult for air to pass through as the person inhales and when the air manages to get through, it causes the tissues to vibrate, which creates a snoring sound. Some reasons why this problem might occur include alcohol consumption, being overweight, taking sedatives or sleep aids, or suffering from a condition called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The Health Effects of Snoring

If you snore, this means that your body is not getting oxygen as easily as it should while you sleep, and this can cause you to wake up feeling tired. In the case of OSA, the person’s airway can narrow or close off and cause the individual to stop breathing for short periods and more than 50 times per hour, in severe cases. OSA can contribute to additional health problems, such as depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke.

How Your Dentist Can Help

By fitting you with a mandibular advancement device (MAD), your dentist can provide you with a solution for your snoring. These comfortable devices help keep the lower jaw in a position that increases the space in the airway, allowing the individual to breathe more easily while sleeping. Because getting restful sleep is essential for your long-term health, you can benefit from talking to your dentist about your snoring.

Are you interested in treatments for snoring prevention near New York? If so, then come and see Dr. Charles Marks, who can provide you with a mandibular advancement device that promotes normal breathing and more restful sleep. Please call (212) 279-1232 today to schedule your appointment.


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