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Exploring Common Dental Malocclusions

When your upper teeth sit slightly forward over your bottom teeth, this is considered to be a normal fit. If your dentist tells you that you have a malocclusion, this means that your teeth lack a proper fit. There are many types of malocclusions but, here, you’ll find a few of the most common ones described.

Spacing or Crowding

When there is too much space between an individual’s teeth, dentists describe this as a spacing malocclusion. On the other hand, a patient’s mouth can be too small for their teeth, causing them to crowd together. Both of these issues can have an effect on a person’s oral health and, in the case of overcrowding, can demand the need for a tooth extraction to make more space.

Upper Protrusion

Sometimes referred to by dentists as an overjet, an upper protrusion occurs when a person’s front upper teeth stick outward. This malocclusion can be caused by a small lower jaw, thumb-sucking, or pacifier use.


Although it’s normal for a person’s upper front teeth to sit over and in front of the lowers ones, when the overlap is too large, this is referred to as an overbite. In a severe case of this type of malocclusion, the patient’s lower teeth to hit the roof of the mouth.


In a normal bite, a person’s upper teeth reach farther forward than their lower ones. When a patient has an underbite, this means that their lower front teeth are farther forward than their upper ones.

Open Bite

When a person has an open bite, this means that when they close their mouth and their top and bottom molars are touching, the front teeth fail to overlap, leaving an open gap between the top and bottom.

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