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Surprising Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Oral Health

When your dentist diagnoses you with tooth decay or gum disease, you must analyze certain habits that could contribute to these issues. Chewing on ice or biting into foreign objects are easy ways to damage your teeth and gums. Continue reading for a brief look at some bad habits you might have when it comes to your oral health.

Using your teeth as a tool.

You should never put non-food or non-dental objects in your mouth. When you use your teeth to open bags, soda cans, or plastic containers, you risk damaging your teeth and cutting your gums. These foreign objects can get stuck in your teeth or gums, which would warrant a dental emergency.

Chewing on ice and hard objects.

Ice and hard objects—such as fruit pits and hard candies—can cause minute fractures in your teeth. Chewing on ice is dangerous to your dental health because the extreme temperatures of freezing and hot can weaken and damage your teeth. As your teeth weaken, micro-fractures can form and eventually you could split or chip your tooth.

Drinking sugary drinks all day.

Sugary drinks should be avoided at all costs. The sugar and acids found in sodas, energy drinks, and juices can break down the enamel of your teeth, which is the hard, outer surface that protects your teeth. If you drink sugary drinks all day, with little to no water, then you increase your chance of developing tooth decay and other dental issues.

Brushing your teeth infrequently.

If you regularly forget to brush your teeth before bed or depend on sugary mints to freshen your breath without brushing, then you will soon see the damage. By not brushing and flossing every day, the bacteria in your mouth and food will break down your teeth and gums, which could soon cause painful tooth decay and symptoms of gum disease.

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